KM-12L (1050×1,5mm) Double Rack Manual Arm Guillotine Shears

  • Workbench Dimensions (mm): 650x1250
  • Working Length (mm): 1000
  • Capacity (mm): 1,5
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 2070x850x1260
  • Weight (kg): 300


  • Steel constructed bodey and frame
  • Large table facility the command of sheet metal by operator
  • Cutting lever made of plate steel for the purposes of flexibility and stability
  • Mechanical pressure system prevents sliding of sheet during
  • Monoblock knives made of air hardened steel (K2379) 4 sides of blade is useable
  • Double Gear-rack system for easy adjustment of Backgauge up to 530mm
  • Front set appropriate for angle sheet metal cutting