NC Controlled Box and Pan

Box and Pan with NC Controlled Bender and Backgauge

We present our new folders with NC Controls to give the advantages fully in BOX and PAN with Automation possibilities…

Segmented Blade Folders

Hydraulic or Manual Box and Pan Folders

Hydraulic or Electric or Manual Type Segmented Blade Folders

Folders for HVAC and Roof Workers

Medium and Light Folders

You can find Up to 4 meter long Folders to smallest portable types in here…

Guillotine Shears

Motorized or Manual Shears

From 0.5 to 4mm , manual or mechanical motorized guillotine shears

Corner Notchers

Hydraulic or Manual Notchers

From 1mm to 6mm Manual or Hydraulic, fixed Corner Notchers

Pipe Forming Machines

Ring Rolls, Pipe Notchers, Pipe Benders

All machines to roll, form,  notch, cut, bend Pipe…

All HVAC series Lockform, Tracing, Beading

Lockform, flange, trace and all other ventilation machines

We have Lockformers with multiple forms, Tracepassing, Lock Seaming, Beading, Flanging etc..


Manual and Powered swagers in all sizes

Swaging with rolls is one of our professionalities for more over 45 years.

Small and Medium Tools

Hand shears, Arm Shears, Form cutters and Circular Shears

For thin material or upto 10mm Manual tools for every workshop